I can't start the tour of my website without mentioning my mentor and father, Peter James Brooker (1922 - 2004). Dad started in the business in 1947 just after the war; I was born in 1967, just about the time when Dad made the Octopus rings for the James Bond film.

Dad started teaching me jewellery when I was about 10 years old, all my spare time would be taken up looking over Dads shoulder.

In 1980 he was commissioned to make the rings for the Flash Gordon film. I watched the whole process, if I remember correctly, Dad made 4 rings in all and guess what? He made an extra two just for me! You can imagine the excitement! If I am correct four of the rings are in a museum in The States and the other two are hidden away with my prize possessions!

At the age of sixteen I left school and got down to learning The Trade. We moved to a workshop/shop in Manor Road in Folkestone (Kent) where one of my first jobs was to make a jewel encrusted ink well and dagger, Dad sold them to the agent that had commissioned the Flash  Gordon Rings. To this day I still haven't found them on a film set! But I'm still looking!

I spent one year at Medway College of Design, which was a great experience but I soon realised that the teachers were not quite up to my Fathers standards!

I continued learning the trade, identifying precious gems and how they could be mounted to show there natural beauty. I learnt how to restore precious pieces of jewellery, Modern and Antique.

I also covered high quality repairs, returning customers jewellery to them looking like new. I have a large customer base in my home town of Folkestone (Kent) and now I am showing the world my jewellery.

I have now got approximately 28 years of experience under my belt. So if I can help you with anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

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