What is difference between 9ct and 18ct gold?

Its simple gold is graded on 1000 parts, 999.9 being pure, 375 parts = 9ct, 750 part = 18ct. 916 parts = 22ct.

What is the best carat gold?

In my opinion and experience 18ct gold is the best all rounder with a good yellow colour. 9ct gold is much paler. Across much of Europe 9ct gold barely used unless it is being mass produced and exported to England.

What is the best way to clean jewellery?

The best way to clean most jewellery is warm water and washing up liquid, using a soft tooth brush taking care to clean behind the stones, I all to often see beautiful stones clogged up with hand cream, so remember to get the full beauty out of your jewellery, Clean it!

What is the hardest stone?

This is one that I am sure you all know, Diamond of course! Oh and by the way you can't test a diamond by scratching glass with it. Almost anything with scratch glass!

What is the softest stone?

Ever heard the saying that opals are unlucky? There is only one reason why. Its because they break easily, which is the reason that I very rarely use them in rings. They are usually reserved for pendants or earrings which take much less punishment, opals can be stunning, beautiful ones are very rare and extremely expensive. Another stone that is on a par with opals is emeralds, they are prone to breaking and flawless ones are harder to find than diamonds, so start saving. What to find out more about gems? Check out the gems page.

What is a heat treated stone?

Nearly all precious gems are heat treated these days, especially rubies and sapphires. It is an incredible process and has resulted in many interesting shades, I'm sure you have all admired pink sapphires, believe it or not they usually start life purple.

Are coloured diamonds natural?

Naturally coloured diamonds are very rare, the most valuable being pink. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with subtle changes in diamonds but some of the colours mainly the blues are quite shocking, looking like dark blue topaz but selling at ridiculous prices!

What does handmade mean?

Handmade means that a piece of jewellery has been made from scratch without the aid of casting equipment.

What does hand finished mean?

Hand finished is very deceiving. A lot of mass produced jewellery is hand finished which basically means that the cast pieces have the stones set by hand and are polished by hand. This doesn’t account for much.

What is mass produced jewellery?

Mass produced jewellery probably makes up approx 95% (or more) of the jewellery made, which is very sad, think of all those people wearing the same piece of jewellery!

Does jewellery wear?

A large percentage of stones lost are due to claws wearing away and the stones falling out because there is no claw to hold them in! Much of my restoration work is re-clawing rings. So get them checked before you loose any stones!

Is white gold natural?

The simple answer to that is no! Gold is naturally yellow until mixed with other metals to turn it white, 9ct white gold is mainly made by mixing with silver, 18ct white gold is mixed with a metal called palladium, which incidentally is an expensive metal in its own right and it result in 18ct white being more expensive than 18ct yellow.

What is more expensive gold or platinum?

Platinum is just over three times the price of gold, being used a lot in industry, catalytic converters, electrical contacts etc. It has a very high melting point and its hardness make it a difficult metal to work with

Have you got a question for me?

If so email me and I will do my best to help you. Send your questions to info@ajb-jewellery.co.uk

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