Ashley James Brooker

This web site is not for everyone, but it is full of beautiful jewellery. Some are expensive, many are surprisingly affordable, and all are unashamedly well crafted. I am proud of my work and want to share my passion for really good jewellery. There is a small selection of pieces on show, as it would be impossible to show the hundreds of individual commissions I have produced over the last twenty years. So here are a few pieces that are designed and made ready for you to enjoy, hopefully. The spirit throughout is resolutely Ashley; contemporary pieces based on classic design principles, emphatically original, occasionally irreverent, but always created with individuals in mind. I make one offs, but each of my pieces is treated with the same respect for traditional values. The craftsmanship is of the highest order, the attention to detail painstaking; I wouldn't have it any other way. I also cater for the traditionalists, taking on commissions to your individual needs, also taking on high quality repairs and restoration of modern and antique jewellery.

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